Consulting & Coaching


  • Communication audits: We analyse your internal and external processes, your style and means of communication. This in-depth examination will then allow us to provide you with the most relevant advice.
  • Image advice: We guide you in the creation, evolution and consolidation of your identity (what you stand for or want to stand for) and your image (how others perceive you and how you want to be perceived).
  • Communication plan: You’re launching a new business, product or innovative service? You want to effectively communicate with your staff, customers or suppliers? We work with you to develop your strategy, from conceptualising to implementing your campaigns on the field.
  • Market research: You want to survey the opinion and behaviour of a target group, better understand your current or future role, know the position of your competitors and analyse the aspirations of your clients/prospects? From drafting objectives to the conclusion, we accompany you from A to Z.
  • Crisis management: In times of crisis, communication is your foremost ally to meet the sudden surge in demands for information coming from your various audiences (customers, press, employees, unions, etc.). We stabilise the situation by establishing and disseminating clear, correct and targeted messages. Even better, we help you to prevent such difficulties and put the right tools in place before a crisis occurs.


Is there a certain skill you would like to acquire internally, in order to give yourself the means for your ambitions? Our most experienced consultants have been supporting and training our clients at all levels of power for over 20 years.

A non-exhaustive selection from our offer of group and individual sessions: ‘Mediatraining: how to interact with the press’, ‘Body language and non-verbal communication: how to read between the words’, ‘The great art of small talk: become remarkable’, ‘How to speak and capture the attention in public’, ‘Good networking, the basis of your ecosystem’, ‘From the frescoes of Lascaux to Tweet walls: the essentials of corporate and interpersonal communication’, etc.